life is short

In this life we live in, sometimes things happen that we don’t quite understand.  I have written about some of them before.  It happened again in Omaha.

This morning there was a fatal car accident on the interstate.  A stalled car was hit by another vehicle.  The man with the stalled car was killed.

Later in the morning, an explosion and partial building collapse occurred at a plant that makes animal food supplements.  Many were injured.  Two have been confirmed dead.  One of the dead is still trapped inside.  A story that made national news.

All the individuals most likely started their mornings like any other day.  Some probably kissed and hugged their spouse goodbye.  Some may have eaten breakfast with their kids.  Some may have had a crummy morning and left the house mad or upset.

Life changed in an instance for these individuals and their families.  No one could have predicted the outcome that took place.  They were probably going about their lives, not expecting that this would be the day they took their last breath.

Far too often, we don’t treat our day as if it was our last one.  We aren’t kind enough.  We don’t love enough.  We think about ourselves rather than putting others first.  We go to bed angry with our spouse.  We leave the house in a bad mood.  We rush around as if we are the only ones on the roadway, neglecting the speed limit and the harm an accident could cause others.  We behave as if we are invincible, until a critical event occurs in our life or in a family member’s life.  At that moment in time, our life comes to a grinding halt.

Consider your spouse, consider your family.  What is the last thing you’d want them to remember you by if today was your last day?  Hug and kiss them each day.  Don’t go to bed angry at your wife or husband.  Be considerate of others.  Slow down.

We probably have all heard the saying “Stop and Smell the Roses.”  That seems to take on a greater meaning after a day like today.

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