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Today Paige Oswald fills in for her mother, writing about a very personal and emotional moment in her life this past weekend.

A few days ago on July 18th while at work, I received a message from my mom saying that I needed to call her as soon as possible.  During a free moment I called my mom and she informed me that a classmate in my grade who was a friend of mine took her own life.  I was instantly crushed and my supervisor let me go home an hour later.

As soon as my parents pulled up, I found myself embraced in my mom’s arms and I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Driving home all I could do was ask God “Why was this happening?  Why did this girl have to leave this Earth?”  If I was asked if I have doubted God in my faith journey, that…

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I am not into playing sports at all, but I certainly like to watch them on the television or in person.  Sunday I watched an amazing soccer match (or as some of you call it – futball) between the United States women’s team and Japan.  I was amazed by the athleticism portrayed by these women, the shear force the ball was kicked, the saves, the great kick over the goalie into the net.  Across the sea, a tennis tournament is being played – Wimbledon.  Yesterday, the top seeded men’s player, Novak Djokovic, dramatically rallied back from two sets down to the 14th seed player Kevin Anderson to tie the match – until darkness suspended the game for the day.

Sports can be a lot like life.  Especially tennis.  It contains errors.  Oftentimes many.  But errors and mistakes are part of life.  We are not perfect.  We can learn from…

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